Apple Pie Creamsicle

Apple Pie Creamsicle

Hello, summer! Hello, sunshine! 

Sunnies on, sunscreen smeared and popsicle in hand, we’re ready for the warmer months ahead. After what felt like a winter worthy of the Game of Thrones haunting phrase “Winter is Coming”, the sun is out and we can’t wait to seize every warm, 'ray filled day!

DIY popsicles have become a huge summertime trend. The beauty of them is that there are endless combinations waiting to be tried, created and licked to death. We love experimenting in the kitchen with new frozen treat combos. A favourite childhood popsicle flavour of ours was the creamsicle. The mix of tangy orange and creamy vanilla were perfect for those extra hot days.

Today we bring you a new kind of creamsicle that is sure to delight and inspire your tastebuds. Apple Pie is one of North America's most beloved desserts. Apples, sugar, cinnamon, thick flaky crust and vanilla ice cream (if that's what your into), is there anything better?

Now most of those ingredients go against what we're all about at Belmonte Raw, so we had to get creative with this recipe. Bringing together our most underrated juice (in our opinion), Apple Cider, and our creamy Vanilla Cashew Milk, these Apple Pie Creamsicles are smooth, rich and taste exactly like your grandmother's recipe. To add texture and some sweetness, we added in a raw apple for good measure and some honey to seal the deal.

Now for the nutritional part of the program: apples are naturally high in vitamin C, fibre, potassium and vitamin K while our Vanilla Cashew Milk is packed with vintamin E, B2, iron, protein and tons of bone building properties.

Basically, these will be your new guilty-free please, your kids new favourite afternoon snack.


1 Bottle Cashew Milk
1 Bottle Apple Cider
1 Tbsp Honey
1 Apple

Place all ingredients in a blender.
Blend on high until apple has thoroughly been blended into the liquid.
Pour liquid into Popsicle Moulds.

Freeze for 4 Hours minimum


*If you don't have access to our Apple Cider & Vanilla Cashew Milk, feel free to substitute Apple Cider from your local grocer and/or store bought or your own homemade cashew milk!