Lady Owned East End Fitness Centres 💪

Lady Owned East End Fitness Centres 💪

Okay ladies, now let's get in formation. Having been a proud Toronto east end business for the past 6 years, we’ve recently taken note of how fitness-focused our ‘hood has become. With new gyms, yoga and fitness centres opening and dominating the fitness game in the east, we can’t help but also take notice that the majority of these studios are female owned and operated.

MOVE Fitness - Belmonte Raw

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The gym. The space where there is a little bit of something for everyone. Whether you’re a cardio junkie, all about weights, in need of some dedicated mat work or a combo of it all, the gym is fitness’s home base. If the gym is your M.O., look no further than Dwell.

Located at 276 Carlaw Ave, and owned by east ender Eleni Scoot, Dwell is a 24 hour, spaciously dynamic gym that offers everything from treadmills and spinning bikes to a full spectrum of weight machines and dead weight options to punching bags and dozens of strength accessories to get creative with. Utilize their facilities on your own or be set up with one of their 16 personal trainers. Workout at 4PM or 4AM. Dwell is really the all-around gym hero. 

The newest addition to the Carlaw strip is MOVE, a boutique fitness club exclusively for women located at 388 Carlaw Avenue, Unit 105B. Run, supported and attended by women, MOVE brings together an empowering female community with an inspirational mindset. Founder Kelly Taphouse opened the centre after having her son and feeling a lack of female, and specifically mother, centric fitness spaces. MOVE’s workout approach is an energetic class-centric system that is led by different trainers throughout the day. You can either join a class or sign up for one-on-one personal training. Oh, and the entire interior of the gym is 100% Instagram worthy. Swoon!

 Toronto Newgirls Boxing Club - Belmonte Raw

Class Oriented Studios

Sometimes you’re looking for something more specific in your workout. Something to dive deeper into. Something to grow into and advance your skill.

Leading the way with female-oriented fitness spaces on Carlaw is Toronto Newsgirls Boxing Club. Savoy Howe founded the club in 1996 while at she attended the Toronto Newsboys Boxing Club for years without any other female representation in Toronto in the boxing community. Having moved several locations over the years, the club has finally settled at 388 Carlaw, Unit #108. The club offers classes, open memberships, boot camps and other fitness programs all in an exclusive female space.

It’s hard to imagine a time before Torq. The spinning studio took the east by storm when they opened last winter and we haven’t looked back since. Owner Julie Mitchell, of local Leslieville Parcel Design, is an avid cyclist and wanted to open a spinning studio where she thought there was a gap in the neighbourhood. Whether you're a first-time rider or a seasoned pro, the studio and each class is set up to embrace every level of fitness. Their bikes are state of the art machines that will monitor your ride, email you a summary after class and even summarize how you did in comparison to your previous classes. Be sure to also say hi to Hank, the studio’s official Bulldog mascot

Toronto Yoga Mamas - Belmonte Raw

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Yoga + Wellness

Yoga. Every. Damn. Day. Right? Like you, we’re big OM enthusiasts. With the number of yoga studios that have taken the city by storm, we’re terribly lucky to have two of the best centres located right in our ‘hood.

Spirit Lofts was founded in 2011 by wife and husband team Catalina Moraga and Andre Talbot and it's the yoga studio you never knew you needed. It's fully formed schedule with meditation, ashtanga and vinyasa classes, teacher training and skills courses and wellness events make Spirit Lofts the apple of our eyes.

Never fear, mama, Toronto Yoga Mamas is here for all your pregnancy and postpartum yoga needs. This powerhouse female run studio is spearheaded by Jaime Kalynuik who opened the spa-like studio after recognizing a need for a mama based yoga centre in Toronto. Toronto Yoga Mamas offer a unique blend of yoga classes for both pregnant women and mamas with babies to massage therapy, chiropractic care and a host of parenting-geared workshops that come together to create the ultimate hub for women and mamas. You can find Toronto Yoga Mamas at 1402 Queen Street East.


We're in good (and fit) company and we couldn't be prouder. Keep crushing it, ladies!

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