Our favourite non-gym, non-bootcamp workouts

Our favourite non-gym, non-bootcamp workouts

Fitness. That word alone can speak volumes. Are you getting enough? Are you motivated enough? How’s your technique? Are you more into HIIT or Yoga? Our head is already spinning (no pun intended).

We all know working in some form of fitness into our daily routine is important, but hitting the gym or signing up for a bootcamp isn’t all of our M.O. In addition to finding the time for fitness in your already busy and chaotic schedules, there is an overwhelming amount of fitness options to now choose from to get your sweat on. Here are out favourite ways to keep in shape sans gym or bootcamp.

1. Biking vs Driving

Biking, especially in the warmer months, is one of the best ways to get from point A to B within a city, while also being good for not only you but the planet as well. It’s estimated that you can burn up to 600 calories an hour biking around a city, which suddenly makes going from Leslieville to Roncesvalles seem not so bad. In Toronto, bike lanes have been introduced to several main streets for easier access and the long-standing bike trail along the waterfront remains one of our favourite routes. 

2. Going Dancing

This is probably the most fun suggestion on this list. Yes, dancing the night away is a great way to burn calories and strengthen your core and muscles. Whether you decide to hit up your favourite club or blast Robyn for a solo jam session in the privacy of your own home, breaking out those killer dance moves of yours is not only a great exercise, it can also uplift your mood, clear your mind and brighten a blue day.

3. Swimming

And no, we're not talking about laps. We're talking about the kind of swimming you did as a kid, how you jumped off the diving board, went down the slide, raced with a friend to that spot over there and threw rocks to the bottom of the lake to see if you could find them. The kind of swimming that taps into your adventurous side, your curious side. Yes, laps can be your go-to if you like to swim on the regular, but tapping into the juvenile water games can be just as beneficial and ridiculously more fun.

4. Picking Stairs vs Elevators/Escalators

Definitely, the easiest way to incorporate fitness into your daily life. Instead of taking the escalator or elevator, opt for the stairs. Great for the legs and heart, taking the stairs can be as casual or intense as you'd like. Stroll up at a leisurely pace or race to the top skipping every other step. Going to the 34th floor? Climb as high as you can then hitch a ride when you're tuckered out. This is also a great way to slowly improve your stamina, climb 5 flights the first week, then 6 the next and so on!

What are you favourite non-gym workouts?